Premiere på Elias 2. mars 2014

Jeg er herved inivitert på Elias premierefest 2.mars 2014. Har stemmen til Helinor.



Helinor’s roles are many. Paramedic, sky-plane, rescue helicopter, police patrol are just some of them. Helinor hardly ever seems to get things wrong like Elias does! “How can you be so clever?” he often asks. Helinor’s sensible answer is, “Prioritise.” But prioritising is not Elias’ forte, he gets an emergency call and hits the ground running, often leaving half the stuff he needs for the mission in the shipyard. Helinor nurtures Elias’ emerging talents and she helps him to consolidate his thoughts and hone his skills. But if her impetuous boy is ever in trouble Helinor will nearly always be the first to know. With her high-tech equipment she can pick up messages and be on the case faster than anybody in Cozy Cove. She’ll track down Elias through thunder, storm and gale and she’ll hang in until the rescue mission is accomplished.

Det er totalt 52 episoder som skal vises på NRK Super fra og med 2.mars 2014.



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